Barco for ensemble new!



Faro for string quartet



dopo il Sole, haut-lieux for clarinet and violoncello



Fantaisie V for solo flute new!



Señales-Trumpet for solo clarinet



acaricio tu calma for clarinet, viola and piano

Cantar Xemendo for double bass



Gregorianus Guitarra for solo guitar



Señales-Trumpet for trumpet(s)



Cantiga for bagpipe and piano

Cantiga 2 for violin and piano



Cantiga-Filipense for solo piano

Por la Paz for flute and piano



Cantiga for viola and piano



3 Piezas for solo percussion

Trío for violin, cello and piano



(recuerdo una) Encantación for flute and harp





Señales-Trumpet for soprano saxophone

Dúo, Lied II for saxophone and double bass



Dúo+Percusión for saxophone, double bass and percussion