Jesús González

Vigo [1965]


He begins the musical studies in the Conservatoire of Music of Vigo. Later he moves to Barcelona to study harmony with Josep Pons and flute with Claudi Arimany, Arlette Biget and Tal Perkes.


It has been selected and scholarship holder in the VII International Course of Torroella de Montgrí, given by teachers of the Royal College of Music of London, where there took place the composition and the premiere of his work Sin Título for two trumpets, oboe, viola and percussion; under his own direction.


In France he has released his concert for flute and ensemble Céret works dedicated the soloist Arlette Biget, who played it in the premiere.


In the Martin Códax Hall of Conservatoire of Music of Vigo, he has released his spatial work Crisis for two reciters and fourteen instruments, with the group created and directed by the author Aticus 16.


In the Theatre Principal of Pontevedra he released In Iron Rail soloist work order by the Chamber Orquestra of Pontevedra for the 1º Lieder's cycle for voice and orquestra.


In the X Xornadas of Contemporary Music of Santiago de Compostela, he has released his works cares your calm for trio and his spatial work for instrumental solo group (work entrusted by the Deputación of Pontevedra) and interpreted by the Ensemble CGAC in the Center Galego of Contemporary Art Hall.


In the Palau of the Music of Valencia he has released Spectro I a works entrusted by Quartet of Saxophones of Galicia for the XI Congress World of Saxophone.


In the Caixavigo Hall he has released his work for flute and electronics Caminar 7.3 work encago of the company of contemporary dance Dobre Xiro for the spectacle 400ASA, with which they have realized a tour along the Galician territory.


In the Universidade of Santiago Hall, he has released the work for flute and piano O Longo Camiño de Santiago.


In the Caixanova Hall of Vigo there has released his work for order of the Foundation Laxeiro Gregorianus 1 in Bb for clarinet.


In the Hall ArteriaNoroeste of Santiago, he releases Und das Lied bleibt schön. Lied for 2 saxs low; Duo, Lied II for saxo and double-bass; 3 Pieces for percussion alone and Duo+Percussión for saxo, double-bass and percussion.


In the III Festival Via Stellae of Santiago has released his work for flute and piano For Peace.


In the V Cicle Musicant de Campllong (Girona) he has released (I remember an) Encantation for flute and harp.


In the II Cicle of Chamber Music Galegos Hoxe! he has relased Señales-Trumpet for Trumpet and Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano.


In the VII Festival Via Stellae of Santiago has released his work for a melodic instrument and piano Cantiga.


In the 8th Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz, he premiered Gregorianus 2 for sax and piano.
In the VII Via Stellae Festival of Santiago he has premiered his work for melodic instrument and piano Cantiga
In the 1st cycle of Silent Music of Barcelona "Compositors a La Casa: Jesús González" premieres Cantiga-Filipense for solo piano.
In the Xornadas de Música Contemporánea de Santiago he premiered Cantiga 2 for violin and piano; Sing Moaning for double bass solo, his work for ensemble Barco (commissioned work by CNDM) and Faro for string quartet.
At the Múseo de Belas Artes in La Coruña he premiered his solo guitar work Gregorianus Guitarra.

Within National Sawdust he has been dedicatee of a monograph of his works performed by OpenGrecords Ensemble conducted by Carl Bettendor at New York City, 2019.

He presents his works edited by the publisher Brotons & Mercadal in a concert at the ESMUC (Barcelona).


Hi work for symphonic orchestra Aquaeductus has been a finalist for unanimity in the IV International Contes of Composition Andrés Gaos.


He has realized Electronic Device in concerts with the composer Magnus Lindberg and the Ensemble CGAC; with the composer Alexander Mihalik and the saxofonista Andrés Gomis; with the pianist Juan Paul Arias, with the violinist Ben Kreit, with the saxofonista Paul Coello and with the percusionista Cesar Peris.


He has been a coordinator of the Department of Music of the Center Galego of Contemporary Art of Santiago during the years 1996/97/98.

In 2021, he was awarded with the Prize of Excellence in Music Pedagogy in Galicia by Fundacion Groba.

Hi was taking part in courses and masterclass with teachers of international range as the composers Salvatore Sciarrino, Tristan Murail, Magnus Lindberg, Jonathan Harvey, Philippe Hurel, Sylvano Bussotti, Georg Friedrich Haas, Daniel Teruggi, Manuel Rodeiro, Jose Manuel Lopez Lopez, David del Puerto, Leonardo Balada; the conductors Helmuth Rilling, Pierre-André Valade, James Ross, Claude-Henry Joubert; the flute-players James Galway, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Aurèle Nicolet, Alain Marion, Michel Debost, Vicens Prats, William Bennett, Shigenori Kudo, Philippe Bernold, János Bálint, Jean-Claude Gerard, Albert Mora, Bernat Castillejo, Brigitte Bryner-Kronjäger, Luc Urbain; the guitarists Alvaro Pierri, Jose Tomás, David Russel; the clavicenista Tom Koopman; the soprano Cornelia Kallisch; and the groups DOMUS of London, Nash Ensemble, Quartet Franz Schubert of Vienna, Trio of Barcelona, Albion Ensemble and L'Assemblée des Honestes Curieux.